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At Precision Tool Works, we are concerned about our clients and their businesses. We exist because they exist and we do what we can to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service.

We always appreciate hearing feedback regarding the service that they have received. 

Below is a some of the feedback sent to us.



John, QA Manager, Automotive Machining
Interapid DTI’s, Mitutoyo, Etalon

We send our measuring instruments, of all makes, to Precision Tool Works. A “one shop repairs all” system makes instrument repair much less expensive. The turn-around time and quality of their work is first-rate.


Ted, Quality Manager, Automotive Machining
Interapid DTI’s, Mitutoyo

We use Precision Tool Works because they can handle repairs to all our measuring tools. Repair price is never more than one half the replacement cost, they are easy to deal with and turn our instruments around quickly.


Barber Euklich : Gauge Technician, Oil & Gas Machining
Etalon & Tesa

Once we have a failed calibration, instruments go to PTW. On return, their level of quality is apparent.
Instruments repaired are always clean and function very well. Very easy to deal with.


Doug, QA Supervisor, Aerospace Machining

A lot less expensive than shipping our tools to Switzerland for repair and they make it easy to ship from USA. We no longer throw away any measuring instruments. 



Offering Professional Support to:
Quality & Purchasing Departments

We Service:

Mitutoyo Gauges    Brown & Sharpe Gauges     Mahr Federal Gauges   Tesa Gauges

 Interapid Gauges Starret Gauges Compac Gauges    Etalon Gauges

as well as most other brands


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