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We repair Surftest, Surface Testers, Profilometers, Contracers, Contour Readers, Contour Tracers with Plotters or Recorders and more.

During the repair of your surface analyzing equipment, we inspect buttons, switches, wiring, and connections on base unit & readout. Slides, gearing, guides, drive motors, bearings, bushings, connections and wiring are inspected on drivers, plotters and recorders. Detectors and armatures are inspected for damage and wear. Worn and damaged components are replaced when possible.

Always send in broken profilometer tips, detectors, pick ups, probes and other associated part for repair!

While it is true that some older instruments, especially with contour tracers, replacement components are not available. These instruments are still very valuable and we can, in certain cases, retrofit components to make them operational.

Some of the models we repair include:

Surftest, Surface Testers, Profilometers (Mitutoyo, Mahr)
Mitutoyo Surftest SJ 201, 201P, Mitutoyo Surftest SJ 202
Mitutoyo Surftest 211, Mitutoyo Surftest 212
Mitutoyo Surftest SJ 301/SJ- 301
Mitutoyo Surftest 401, Mitutoyo Surftest 402
MahrSurf by Mahr, Mahr Pocket Surf

Mahr Federal Pocket Surf, Mitutoyo Surftest 210
Brown & Sharpe Pocket Surf

Contracers, Contour Readers, Contour Tracers with Plotters or Recorders (Mitutoyo, PMC)

Mitutoyo CA 41, Mitutoyo CA 42, Mitutoyo CP-21
PMC 150 ContouReader

Special note on Mitutoyo and PMC: These machines are worth there weight in gold. Depending on the problem, we can repair your unit to working condition. Parts are almost obsolete, but, we can sometimes find replacement components or retrofit components to get them up and running.

Profilometer Rentals

If your profilometer is in need of repair and you just can't live without it or you just need one for a smaller project we can help.

We rent:

Mitutoyo's SJ-201 Profilometer

$65/daily or $275/weekly

Please enquire for further details.



Offering Professional Support to:
Quality & Purchasing Departments

We Service:

Mitutoyo Gauges    Brown & Sharpe Gauges     Mahr Federal Gauges   Tesa Gauges

 Interapid Gauges Starret Gauges Compac Gauges    Etalon Gauges

as well as most other brands


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