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While Precision Tool Works is primarily a gauge and measuring instrument repair laboratory, we have worked on several custom projects in past. We have many precision tools which allow us to perform many difficult mechanical operations and assemblies of fine equipment. 


Included in the scope of our work is:

Fine instrument & gauge disassembly
Fine instrument & gauge assembly
Micrometer barrel alignment
Gauge jewel & ruby replacement
Bent styli and spindle replacement
Profilometer, surface roughness testing
Electronic rubber switch & button repair
Measuring Instruments that failed calibration
Broken or bent contact points and armatures
Broken, cracked or missing crystals & bezels
Measuring tool cleaning – manual, ultrasonic bath
Broken or frayed wiring and connector replacement
Dimensional testing to national standards (NIST, NRC)
Ultrasonic cleaning of small components for R & D and process
Repair of measuring instruments & gauges that are sticking or not repeating
Power cord and power supply replacement/repair
Fine bushing and bearing setting/pressing
Installation of gauge replacement parts
Faulty LCD replacement
Small screw extraction
Flat flex cable repair
Ribbon wire repair
Anvil replacement
Battery replacement
Battery contact repair
Calibration stickers

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We Service:

Mitutoyo Gauges    Brown & Sharpe Gauges     Mahr Federal Gauges   Tesa Gauges

 Interapid Gauges Starret Gauges Compac Gauges    Etalon Gauges

as well as most other brands


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