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We sell new and used:
Interapid - Compac - Tesa - Etalon
Starrett - Mahr Federal - Mitutoyo
Brown & Sharpe
and more. 

Consider buying equipment from the experts who repair it. All used measuring tools we sell have been meticulously cleaned and rebuilt for optimum reliability.

New Equipment

For convenience and to minimize sourcing, we offer our customers a full range of brand new precision measuring tools. With our knowledge of measuring tools and measurement systems, we can work with you and recommend a proper tool for your application.

Used  Equipment

With our industry knowledge and connections we operate a vast trade system. With a market of all quality brands of test equipment, let us know what general or specific device you require. Quality lasts!

Etalon Indicating Micrometer

Model : 72.109857
Resolution : .00005”
Travel : 1”
Scale : in/mm
This instrument is in perfect shape, like new

Used in Precision Laboratory.


Have your gauges rebuilt

Price : $1200.00 - Very Sharp - A Quality Piece - SOLD 


Mitutoyo Surftest 211


Model : specs in pdf
Travel :
Scale : in/mm
This instrument is in very good condition.  

Used in Precision Laboratory.

Comes with std detector 
Have your gauges rebuilt

Price : $1100.00 - Very Good Condition 


Mitutoyo SJ-201, 301, 210, 310 standard detectors / tips 


Models compatible with: SJ-201, SJ-301, SJ-210, SJ-310

These profilometer detector / tips have been rebuilt and tested.  

Price: $350
Have your gauges rebuilt


Mitutoyo Digital Profilometer Suftest SJ-210


Item Number: 178-561-02A
Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
Manufacturer Part No.: 178-561-02A

Excellent condition


Price: $1600
Have your gauges rebuilt


Mahr Pocket Surf 


Reads in Ra, Ry, Rmax

Rugged and excellent for shop floor use

Price: Call for pricing

Have your gauges rebuilt

Mitutoyo Height Gauge

Model: 192-616 
Resolution: .0005/.01mm
Travel: 12”
Scale: in/mm
Some etching on the base

Operates very well
Price: $700


Have your gauges rebuilt


Mitutoyo Contracer CP - 200 / 400 - Contour Measuring Instrument



Mitutoyo Contracer CP-200 - Exc. Condition!!
Contour Reader - Laboratory Condition.

2” (50mm) X-axis Travel Contour Reader/ Contour Tracer/ Form Measuring Instrument 

Computer based traces using FORMPAK software. Portable head unit. Connects to computer. Similar to CP-400 unit. 

Comes with reading head, controller, computer, cabling, software, and operator's manual. Plug in and ready to go.

Great unit for about a 25% the price of NEW

Rare to come across one of these unit used.

For specs see: 


Price : SOLD!! 

New and Used Mitutoyo Digital Indicators


Model : 543-252
Resolution : .0005”
Travel : .5”
Scale : inch/mm


Have your gauges rebuilt

Price : $69.00

New Mahr Federal Test Indicator


Model: 800sm
Resolution: .002mm
Travel: +/-200ym
Scale: mm

Have your gauges rebuilt

Price: $220.00 – Brand new – Made in Germany.

Used Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator


Model: 2416F-6
White Dial Face
Resolution: .001”
Scale: Inch

Have your gauges rebuilt

Price: $75.00

Used Mitutoyo Digital Indicator


Model: 543-260 or equivalent
Resolution: .00005”/.001mm
Travel: .5”
Scale: in/mm
Absolute Encoder w/origin
Tolerance +/-
Nice piece

Have your gauges rebuilt

  Contact for pricing

Used Interapid Test Indicators


Model: 74.111965 312B-15
Resolution: .0005”
Travel: +/-.06”
Scale: in


Have your gauges rebuilt

New Mitutoyo 8” Digital Caliper


Model : 500-197-20
Resolution : .0005”/.01mm
Travel : 8”
Scale : in/mm
Absolute Encoder w/origin
Absolute Encoder w/origin


Have your gauges rebuilt

Price : $240.00 – Brand New – A quality piece  - SOLD 

Used Mitutoyo Digital Profilometer Suftest SJ-201


Model: Series SJ-201
Like new condition

Stand included

Contact for price

Have your gauges rebuilt
We supply OEM replacement heads

Mitutoyo CA-42 Contracer

Mitutoyo Contracer CA 42 - Excellent Condition!!
4” (100mm) X-axis Travel Contour Reader/ Contour Tracer/ Form Measuring Instrument 



We Service:

Mitutoyo Gauges    Brown & Sharpe Gauges     Mahr Federal Gauges   Tesa Gauges

 Interapid Gauges Starret Gauges Compac Gauges    Etalon Gauges

as well as most other brands


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